March 21, 2018

Hello, New Mexico!

First and foremost, thank you all for your generous support and guidance during my Independent campaign for Governor. You have greatly helped to develop and strengthen our Unidos New Mexico movement, and I have been honored to work with you to help unite all New Mexicans.

Throughout my campaign, I have learned much about myself, my fellow New Mexicans, and the great state I am honored to call home. Unfortunately, I have also learned how difficult our state government makes it for an Independent to run for Governor.

You see, beginning in mid-2017 and for many months after, I repeatedly asked the Secretary of State’s office how an Independent for Governor obtains a Lt. Governor running mate, since at the time there were no clear procedures in place for Independents. Each time I asked, I was told that the Secretary’s office would have to research the procedures and follow up with me, but they never did.

It was not until I pressed the Secretary’s office in January 2018 that they finally made an interpretation of our state’s constitution and informed me that I will not be included on the General Election ballot – even if I qualify for the ballot and obtain the required 15,384 nominating signatures – if nobody separately qualifies for Lt. Governor as an Independent and also obtains the same amount of signatures, since New Mexico must elect its Governor and Lt. Governor as a ticket.

Additionally, the Secretary’s office also informed me that if an odd number of candidates qualify for the ballot as Independents – say, two for Governor and one for Lt. Governor – then they would have to flip a coin to decide who makes up the ticket and who is left off. So, it is also possible that I could be left off the ballot due to sheer chance.

It is now clear to me that our state government does not have appropriate and fair procedures in place for all candidates, because even if I follow all the rules and meet all the requirements to be included on the General Election ballot, I could still be left off through no fault of my own or through no voter involvement. Because of this, I must now suspend my campaign for Governor.

As I move forward, I still commit to serving all New Mexicans in whatever I do, and I also commit to helping to ensure that all New Mexicans have an equal opportunity to participate in our political process. We must always remember that our government works for us, so we must all ensure that our government constantly works for the Greater Good of all New Mexico in an inclusive, ethical, and responsible manner.

I still firmly believe in the power of unity, and I know that the future of our beloved Land of Enchantment depends upon all of us uniting through compassion and compromise to guarantee that mañana is brighter than today for each and every New Mexican. We truly have the power to make New Mexico a place we are all proud to call home. All we must do now is unite.


Christopher Michael Roybal