Unidos New Mexico Platform

Unidos New Mexico focuses on honoring, protecting, and strengthening every New Mexican's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unidos New Mexico involves collaboration, compromise, and an overall commitment to the Greater Good of New Mexico. 

We endeavor to develop our platform to best reflect the ideas, ideals, and intentions of all New Mexicans, so we gladly welcome and value your input.

We will share our more expanded, detailed, and enhanced platform throughout the campaign.



"We commit to rooting out injustice so that our state operates in a fair and equitable manner."


All New Mexicans Deserve TO BE TREATED EQUALLY.

We must address any law or practice that discriminates against any New Mexican, and our government must not show favoritism to any citizen because of their political party, gender, race, religion, age, ability, or affiliation.

We must also demonstrate clear equity in our state's hiring, contracting, and procurement practices, and we must ensure that citizens directly participate in the state budgeting process. Also, our state's leaders must operate transparently and be easily accessible so that our citizens can have direct control over our government. We also champion open, fair, and inclusive elections by committing to educating voters, increasing voter registration, and expanding the voting window to offer weekend early voting.

Additionally, it is of the utmost importance to address equality discrepancies, such as by working to guarantee equal pay for women and to eliminate any sort of harassment throughout our public and private sectors.

All New Mexicans should feel valuable, and fostering a statewide environment of respect and fair play should always be our top priority.


"We commit to ensuring that all New Mexicans have access to food, clothing, and shelter so that we all can live stably."

Social Justice


Every New Mexican should have the ability and resources to work to uplift themselves and their families, and our state government should offer a helping hand to those in need.

We must decrease statewide food waste and ensure that no citizen goes hungry. We must invest in quality, affordable housing so that no New Mexican must live on the street. We must ensure that all New Mexicans have the necessary basic skills - such as the ability to read, do math, and operate a computer -  to obtain gainful employment.

We must make sure that no New Mexican falls by the wayside. We also highly encourage all our citizens to embrace service opportunities to help our neediest New Mexicans so that we all can be productive, happy members of our New Mexico family. We believe that giving of yourself to help others truly is its own reward, and our government should wisely invest in every one of our citizens in order to enhance a statewide sense of togetherness and security.


"We commit to providing New Mexicans with the education, resources, and support needed to embrace healthy lifestyles."

Public Health

All New Mexicans Deserve to live Healthily.

In order for our citizens and state to be healthy, we must first establish statewide access to quality, affordable health care for all our citizens. We must work to ensure that all New Mexicans have the knowledge and ability to prevent declines in their personal health while also having access to appropriate treatment options, if they should need them. And we must also preserve and protect our citizens rights to make informed choices about their bodies.

It is also urgently important to address public health crises, such as the opioid crisis, through regulation, education, and treatment, and we must help our citizens combat obesity, stress, and depression in order to increase life expectancy and improve their general quality of life.

Living healthily also involves ensuring that we offer healthier food choices in our schools, that the elderly have access to quality, affordable home care, and that we protect our environment from pollution, exploitation, and irresponsible development.


"We commit to protecting all New Mexicans and to appropriately reprimanding and correcting lawbreakers."

Public Safety

All New Mexicans Deserve to Feel safe and secure.

We must work to create a culture of respect and accountability so that we all are inclined to value one another and to not harm any of our fellow New Mexicans. We should strive to ensure that no New Mexican becomes a victim. But if one of us unfortunately does, we must ensure that they receive the full support and cooperation of the law, especially our victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

We must provide those who protect and serve us with the necessary support, training, and resources to keep New Mexico safe. Additionally, we must also work to strengthen our criminal justice system so that those who break the law are sufficiently disciplined, treated, and motivated to not re-offend. This includes providing extensive support for our criminal prosecutors and also recruiting and retaining qualified law enforcement officials, including military veterans.

We must also work on increasing our public safety by ensuring that our emergency preparedness programs are up-to-date, by investing in coordinated and effective information sharing systems involving federal, tribal, state, and local law enforcement, and by offering pre-school, recreational, and neighborhood-based bilingual crime prevention programming.


"We commit to building an education system that empowers students and teachers to achieve and excel."


All New Mexicans Deserve to learn and grow.

Students and teachers must have the respect, attention, and resources needed to reach their full potential, and our education system should provide access to comprehensive and life-long learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

For our adolescent students, we must expand and strengthen early childhood education offerings and extracurricular, summer, and before and after school programs. We must also increase the ability for students to earn college credits while still in high school, and we must re-engage drop-outs with targeted educational and employment opportunities.

For our students in college, we must first ensure that our public universities are fiscally responsible so that the cost of attending is fair and reasonable. We then must fortify higher education scholarships by holding students and schools accountable for higher graduation rates while also ensuring that students are able to earn an undergraduate degree in no more than four years at any of our public universities. 

For all of our students, we must modernize our classrooms, enhance our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) offerings to prepare our citizens for the jobs of the future, and incentivize graduates to work in New Mexico through loan forgiveness programs and public-private job placement partnerships.

A quality education system will allow our citizens and state to grow in a manner that will improve all of our lives.


"We commit to investing in businesses and industries that value and promote our citizens and state."

Economic Justice


Increasing our citizens' economic mobility involves both supporting the local businesses that already benefit New Mexico by buying locally and directing state contracts their way, while also attracting out-of-state businesses that will provide our citizens with well-paying jobs and advancement opportunities.

We also need to invest in high growth industries such as renewable energies, advanced manufacturing, biomedical engineering, cyber security, microelectronics, and optics and photonics. And we must seriously consider legalizing and pragmatically taxing cannabis.

There are many amazing reasons to live in and visit New Mexico, so we commit to strengthening our tourism industry by effectively marketing all our state has to offer. We also fully support strengthening and modernizing our agricultural industry and expanding our booming film industry.

And we must also work to establish a statewide living wage and to ensure that all New Mexicans are financially literate and able to understand how to maximize their economic potential.


"We commit to preserving New Mexico's natural beauty and significant ecological and cultural landmarks."

Environmental Justice

All New Mexicans Deserve TO ENJOY CLEAN AIR, Land, AND WATER.

Our breathtaking Land of Enchantment is enjoyed year-round by locals and visitors alike. Therefore, it is imperative that we value and invest in our environment for social, economic, historical, health, and aesthetic reasons.

The wealth contained in our skies, open spaces, waters, and monuments deserves care and respect on both an individual and state level. Cleaning up our beautiful landscapes and landmarks and diligently protecting our waterways and aquifers from pollutants should be a top priority, and we all can do our part to "toss no más."

Valuing our environment also involves the expansion of community recycling programs and safe and convenient public transportation options, and making our businesses and homes energy efficient, which will also help us decrease energy costs. We must also transform our state into an industry leader in the creation and utilization of clean, renewable energies, such as wind and solar.

We must strive to guarantee that New Mexicans for generations to come can all enjoy the natural beauty and wonder our state has to offer.


"We commit to embracing technology that will develop New Mexico and improve the lives of our citizens."



Our world and the ways in which we live are becoming more technologically centered and driven every day. Therefore, we must prepare New Mexicans of all ages to be able to thrive in this climate while making New Mexico a pioneer in embracing beneficial, cutting-edge technologies.

We must develop public-private partnerships to bring new technologies and technology companies to New Mexico. We must invest in such areas as alternative energies, fiber optic internet, and public transportation in order to develop our state to compete in a technologically advanced world. We must also train our citizens to be able to use new technologies and acquire the tech skills needed to fill jobs now.  

New Mexico can also benefit from technology by producing and selling green energy to other states and companies in order to pay for expansion of clean, renewable energies here at home. Our abundant New Mexico sun shines on us year round! Let us put it to work for us and protect our environment in the process.

It is also vitally important to upgrade our statewide technology infrastructure and to streamline and strengthen our government's online presence. This will allow us to protect our state and citizens and ensure that our government is accessible to all New Mexicans.

How we innovate today directly affects the New Mexico of tomorrow.


"We commit to nurturing those in need of assistance in order to honor the fundamental value of every human life."

Social Wellness & Recovery

All New Mexicans Deserve TO RECOVER AND HEAL.

We all make mistakes, experience injuries, face internal struggles, and need help from time to time. We must work to ensure that whenever one of us falls down, our state is able to help us get back up and continue on.

We need to provide all of our citizens with thoughtful, targeted support. We need to provide victims of domestic violence with full pay and benefits if they must miss work to recover. We need to provide addicts with personal treatment options and counseling so that they can break free from their addictions. We need to provide those incarcerated with empathy training so that they are less likely to reoffend and return to prison.

We must also work to remove any social stigmas that exist regarding addressing mental health issues, and we must encourage citizens to not be afraid to seek help for such issues as abuse and depression. We also advocate providing counseling resources for all citizens so that we all can help deal with our issues before they get out of control and adversely affect our lives and state.

No citizen should feel alone, isolated, or unable to continue. If all New Mexicans are able to safely and securely seek help for whatever ails them, then our state will be a much more healthy and happy place.


"We commit to promoting empathy, tolerance, and love so that New Mexico cherishes people from all walks of life."

United Peace

All New Mexicans Deserve TO LIVE IN PEACE.

Hate has no place in New Mexico. Period. And no matter where you were born or what you believe, as long as you are willing to live in peace, we commit to embracing you and helping you to become a proud and productive member of our New Mexico family.

We must constantly celebrate and utilize the power of New Mexico's multicultural population to create a positive, welcoming state. This also means that we must actively embrace communities that are often unfairly targeted and displaced, such as Native Americans, immigrants, refugees, and those who identify as LGBTQ. And we fully support the Dreamers as they strive to remain in the only home many of them have ever known and to continue attending college, being legally employed, and paying taxes.

It is also important that we preserve a clear separation between church and state and that we implement laws and practices that recognize every citizen's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, regardless of what they do or do not believe.

Your political party, gender, race, religion, age, ability, or affiliation should have no bearing on your right to live peacefully in New Mexico. And we endeavor to make New Mexico a peaceful place that all New Mexicans are proud to call home.