Unidos New Mexico Platform

My platform focuses on honoring, protecting, and strengthening every New Mexican's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, through collaboration, compromise, and an overall commitment to the Greater Good of New Mexico.





In order to improve our Government, we must:

  • Ensure that our state constitution is relevant, inclusive, and up-to-date.
    • Update our constitution to demonstrate clear respect for all peoples, such as by using gender neutral terminology.
    • Create a constitutional revision commission of elected officials and regular citizens to recommend pertinent changes to our state constitution.
  • Conduct comprehensive electoral reform.
    • Embrace Fair Ballot Access Requirements and Open Elections to better ensure than any New Mexican can vote, run for office, and be elected.
    • Enact term limits for all elected officials.
    • Improve and expand public financing of campaigns to combat the unfair influence of private money in politics.
    • Create a Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission in order to guarantee the equal representation of all New Mexicans in our government when New Mexico redraws its election districts in 2021.
  • Require our government to operate ethically, efficiently, and transparently.
    • Eliminate any sort of sexual harassment and discrimination from our government.
    • Diligently combat corruption at all levels and in all areas of our government.
    • Require all elected officials to conduct state business through a .gov email address, and make their emails public record.
    • Require lobbyists to operate more transparently, such as by closing the loophole that allows lobbyists to not have to report expenditures that are less that $100.
    • Ensure that the New Mexico Sunshine Portal works effectively.

Social Justice & Wellness



    In order to improve our Social Justice & Wellness, we must:

    • Seek community-based solutions to fight poverty, homelessness, and hunger.
      • Help the homeless obtain employment and housing through public-private partnerships in order to reduce crime, increase safety, and improve public health.
      • Decrease statewide food waste and combat hunger by connecting those in need of food donations - shelters, churches, etc. - with people who have excess, like restaurants and caterers.
    • Better support victims of crimes, especially victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking.
      • Invest more in victims assistance programs, and provide victims with pay and benefits if they must miss work to recover.
      • Strengthen our laws involving domestic violence and sexual violence, such as by better protecting the identities and whereabouts of victims so that they cannot be persecuted or preyed upon by their assailants.
      • Ensure that the backlog of rape kits is addressed swiftly and effectively to guarantee that no victims are brushed aside and forgotten.
    • Better diagnose, treat, and uplift citizens with mental health and behavioral health issues.
      • Work to remove any social stigmas that exist regarding mental health and behavioral health issues.
      • Provide counseling resources for all citizens so that we can all help deal with our issues before they get out of control and adversely affect our lives and state.
    • Actively embrace communities that are often unfairly targeted and displaced, such as Native Americans, immigrants, refugees, and those who identify as LGBTQ.
      • Ensure that our Native American populations are effectively consulted about what they need and want for their communities.
      • Expand and strengthen the rights of our LGBTQ community, such as by amending a section of the Vital Statistics Act to provide for amendment of sex designation on vital records.
      • Respect the humanity of immigrants and refugees by protecting their families from separation and unlawful targeting. 
      • Support the Dreamers as they strive to remain in the only home many of them have ever known and to continue attending college, being legally employed, and paying taxes.

    Public Health

    All New Mexicans Deserve to live Healthily.


    In order to improve our Public Health, we must:

    • Commit to placing the health of all New Mexicans above profits.
      • Ensure that all citizens can acquire quality, affordable healthcare and have access to convenient healthcare facilities.
      • Make paid sick leave the norm to ensure that all New Mexicans have the necessary time to heal and recover.
      • Protect access to medical marijuana and alternative treatment options.
      • Support the medical professionals and caregivers who help citizens recover and heal.
      • Immediately fix our mental health care system and our substance abuse treatment services.
      • Combat obesity, stress, and depression in order to increase life expectancy and improve their general quality of life.
      • Protect citizens from predatory pharmaceutical companies.
    • Ensure that all New Mexicans have the knowledge and right to make informed decisions about their personal health and bodies.
      • Increase our health education offerings, especially for our youngest citizens.
      • Protect and preserve the reproductive rights and options of every citizen.
    • Ensure that our youngest and oldest New Mexicans are effectively taken care of.
      • Offer healthier food choices in our schools so our young can excel inside and outside of the classroom.
      • Provide activities for youth and the elderly to remain in shape and active in their communities.
      • Expand access to quality, affordable home care for our eldest New Mexicans.
    • Combat the opioid crisis through regulation, treatment, and education.
      • Fully research the impact of the opioid epidemic in our state in order to find effective ways to combat it.
      • Provide addicts with personal treatment options and counseling so that they can break free from their addictions.

    Public Safety

    All New Mexicans Deserve to Feel safe and secure.


    In order to improve our Public Safety, we must:

    • Reduce crime rates through citizen and law enforcement partnerships.
      • Create a culture of respect and accountability so that we all are inclined to value one another and to not harm any of our fellow New Mexicans.
      • Embrace criminal justice and public safety task forces to combat community-specific public safety issues, especially property and violent crimes.
      • Introduce school and community based bilingual crime prevention programming.
    • Better protect our children.
      • Create a task force to study the creation of an interagency safety net for maltreated children.
      • Strengthen our laws and penalties for crimes committed against our children.
      • Implement statewide use of seatbelts in school busses.
    • Provide those who protect and serve us with the necessary support, training, and resources to keep New Mexico safe.
      • Ensure that our law enforcement training procedures are thorough and up-to-date.
      • Provide extensive support for our criminal prosecutors, including funding to hire more prosecutors and public defendants.
      • Recruit and retain qualified law enforcement officials, including military veterans.
      • Protect, value, and adequately compensate our public servants.
    • Work to strengthen our criminal justice system so that those who break the law are sufficiently disciplined, treated, and motivated to not re-offend.
      • Implement common sense sentencing guidelines and work to keep repeat offenders and dangerous criminals off of the street until their day in court.
      • Implement tougher penalties for crimes involving murder, child abuse, assault and battery, and drugs and alcohol. 
      • Seriously crack down on repeat offenders, especially those who are guilty of domestic violence, theft, and D.W.I.
      • Provide those incarcerated with empathy training so that they are less likely to reoffend and return to prison.
    • Introduce more common sense laws and practices to ensure that it is safe to live in New Mexico at all stages of life.
      • Create a thoughtful, strong public safety firearms policy that strengthens our citizens' rights while also ensuring that our citizens do not suffer at the hands of irresponsible or illegal firearm use.
      • Make our roads safer by requiring helmets for motorcyclists statewide and strongly punishing distracted drivers.
      • Add more safe zones for public exchanges.
      • Expand humane care of shelter animals and implement reforms that will improve the quality and efficiency of the Animal Welfare department.
    • Ensure that our emergency preparedness programs are up-to-date.
      • Invest in coordinated and effective information sharing systems involving federal, tribal, state, and local law enforcement.
      • Ensure that our schools are safe and prepared for emergencies.


    All New Mexicans Deserve to learn and grow.


    In order to improve our Education, we must:

    • Provide students and teachers with the respect, attention, and resources needed to reach their full potential.
      • Modernize and enhance our classrooms, and ensure all our schools are safe.
      • Enhance our curriculums, especially our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) offerings to prepare students for the jobs of the future.
      • Expand and strengthen our extracurricular, summer, and before and after school programs to further engage students and combat delinquency and crime.
      • Increase parental involvement in the educational process, such as by updating parents more when their student is absent.
      • Improve the oversight of all our public schools, especially our charter schools.
    • Attract the highest quality educators, and reward educators and educational environments that provide high quality educational experiences.
      • Train our educators effectively to demonstrate our commitment to their advancement and to the growth of our entire educational system.
      • Properly compensate our educators and reward them for student achievement.
      • Recruit enough educators to fill vacancies in order to decrease classroom sizes and increase the attention each student receives.
    • Expand and strengthen early childhood education offerings.
      • Establish early childhood care program standards so that are students are always protected.
      • Increase funding to early childhood education services so that more students are given the best possible start to their education.
      • Recruit and retain quality early childhood educators.
    • Better prepare our students for college and the job market.
      • Increase graduation rates by offering targeted care to our students.
      • Increase the ability for students to earn college credits while in high school so that they are more likely to attend college.
      • Re-engage drop-outs with targeted educational and employment opportunities so that no student feels disenfranchised or unable to continue learning.
      • Create scholastic partnerships with local business and industries to provide on-the-job training.
    • Ensure that our students can afford to seek higher education in state.
      • Fortify higher education scholarships by holding students and schools accountable for higher graduation rates.
      • Ensure that our public universities are fiscally responsible so that the cost of attending is fair and reasonable.
      • Ensure that students are able to earn an undergraduate degree in no more than four years at any of our public universities.
    • Encourage all New Mexicans to be lifelong learners.
      • Incentivize businesses to pay for education opportunities for their employees.
      • Provide access to comprehensive and life-long learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Economic Justice

    All New Mexicans Deserve TO BE ECONOMICALLY MOBILE.


    In order to improve our Economic Justice, we must:

    • Value, nurture, and effectively compensate our local workforce.
      • Ensure that all citizens receive equal pay for equal work.
      • Gradually implement a statewide living wage to help increase productivity, better motivate workers, and raise the value of all citizens' lives.
      • Help all New Mexicans acquire the basic skills - such as such as the ability to read, do math, and operate a computerin order to obtain gainful employment.
      • Ensure that all New Mexicans are financially literate and able to understand how to maximize their economic potential.
      • Revitalize Frontier Communities and economically underperforming areas.
      • Incentivize graduates to work in New Mexico through loan forgiveness programs and public-private job placement partnerships.
    • Better support working families.
      • Strengthen our child-care assistance capabilities to help parents provide better for their families.
      • Reward businesses who make their businesses family friendly.
      • Increase the working family tax credit.
      • Offer accommodations for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace and in the justice system.
    • Invest more in local businesses and industries that already benefit New Mexico.
      • Purchase locally grown food for our schools and senior centers.
      • Direct state contracts to local businesses.
      • Strengthen our tourism industry to showcase all we have to offer.
      • Invest in and expand the film industry.
      • Strengthen and modernize our agricultural industry, and ensure that our farmers can benefit from technology and not be hindered by it.
    • Strengthen and diversify our job market.
      • Provide local entrepreneurs and small businesses with access to mentoring, training, investment, and incubation services.
      • Attract out-of-state businesses that will provide our citizens with well-paying jobs and advancement opportunities.
      • Invest in the high growth industries of the future, such as renewable energies, advanced manufacturing, biomedical engineering, cyber security, and microelectronics.
      • Seriously consider decriminalizing and pragmatically taxing recreational cannabis.
    • Ensure that our government fosters an environment of economic integrity and ingenuity.
      • Demonstrate clear equity in our state's hiring, contracting, and procurement practices.
      • Compel every agency and entity that receives state funding to adopt policies to address institutional racism, discrimination, and implicit biases.
      • Continuing closing tax loopholes so that, for example, online vendors like Amazon must collect and contribute gross receipts tax to our state.
      • Effectively tax alcohol and cigarettes to combat the true, unfair cost that abuse and addiction of these substance has on all New Mexicans.
      • Seriously consider creating a publicly owned state bank.

      Environmental Justice

      All New Mexicans Deserve TO ENJOY CLEAN AIR, Land, AND WATER.


      In order to improve our Environmental Justice, we must:

      • Create strong laws, policies, and practices to protect our environment from pollution, exploitation, and irresponsible development.
        • Involve all New Mexicans in conservation policies and practices.
        • Protect our precious water reserves, especially our acequias and community ditches.
        • Ensure that our air is clean to decrease fatal cases of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and other respiratory illnesses.
        • Protect and develop our public lands to attract more wildlife and ecotourism.
        • Ensure that no border wall is built to threaten wildlife or ecosystems.
        • Protect our cultural and historic landmarks, especially by preventing fracking under Chaco Canyon.
        • Assist communities that have been unfairly affected by pollution and contamination.
        • Ensure that New Mexico follows the guidelines set out by the Paris Agreement.
      • Make it easier for all New Mexicans to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles.
        • Make New Mexico much more"bicycle friendly.
        • Plant more trees throughout our state to combat rising global temperatures and to help provide clean air.
        • Expand community recycling programs.
        • Introduce more safe and convenient public transportation options.
        • Provide incentives for people to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient to decrease energy costs and protect our environment.
      • Transform our state into an industry leader in the creation and utilization of clean, renewable energies, such as wind and solar.
        • Develop  a long-term, environmentally clean, renewable energy policy for New Mexico.
        • Invest in statewide infrastructure to increase our ability to produce renewable energy.
        • Produce and sell renewable energy to other states and companies in order to pay for expansion of those energies here at home.
        • Attract and retain emerging innovation businesses that place a premium on the use of renewable energy.
        • Ensure that all state facilities implement solar energy.
      • Increase our oil and gas drilling oversight.
        • Enforce a moratorium on oil and gas drilling until we better understand the consequences of drilling.
        • Design and implement a comprehensive state drilling reporting system.
        • Invest in our methane mitigation infrastructure.


      All New Mexicans Deserve TO BENEFIT FROM TECHNOLOGY.


      In order to improve our Technology, we must:

      • Protect net neutrality.
        • Prevent internet providers from creating “fast lanes,” censoring content, throttling traffic, and blocking access to their competitor's products.
      • Upgrade our statewide technology infrastructure.
        • Develop statewide broadband services to ensure that all citizens can benefit from an open internet.
        • Invest in areas such as alternative energies, fiber optic internet, and public transportation in order to develop our state to compete in a technologically advanced world.
        • Streamline and strengthen our government's online presence so that our government is accessible to all New Mexicans.
      • Train our citizens to be able to use new technologies and acquire the tech skills needed to fill jobs now.
        • Ensure that our children have the resources and support to be technologically literate.
        • Help our students learn high level programming and computer skills.
      • Develop public-private partnerships to bring new technologies and technology companies to New Mexico.