Christopher Michael Roybal for Governor - The Future is Now


January 1, 2018


“What right do we have to condemn another?”

I have been seriously exploring this question for the past few years both publicly and privately, and I have arrived at a simple conclusion: None.

We have absolutely no right to condemn others. But we certainly have the right to love.

This conclusion is strongly rooted in my faith and the primary belief that I choose to accept for myself: God wants us to love. Period. And so I have no reason but to love, and I have no right to condemn, judge, oppress, harm, or hate. If I am to live my faith, then I must love others abundantly and unconditionally. And if I am to love, then I must allow others to love and to live peacefully however they so choose, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, ability, or affiliation. I simply choose to love.

The ability to choose how we live is what makes our lives worth living. And without the ability to choose, we cannot truly be free. And if any of us are not truly free, then we cannot truly claim to love one another or to want what is best for our world. Period.

There is great power in a person’s ability to choose. And I believe that if we use our power to choose to accept one another, to forgive one another, to help one another, to heal one another, to build up one another, and to love one another, then we can make heaven on earth a vital and vibrant reality. Our only obstacle in creating this heaven, my friends, is our unwillingness to choose to love.

Call me an idealist or an eternal optimist, but I have a constant and clear faith that, just as day turns into night and tomorrow follows today, every act of love will beget more love, and hate can be conquered if we simply choose to conquer it.

If hate continues to exist, it is because we collectively choose to hate. And if love is to conquer all, then we must choose to love, one and all.

As we embark on a new year, I ask you kindly to consider this: How much does it truly take for you to love rather than to hate?

And, what is more: How much of a difference can we all make if we all choose to love instead of to hate?

The future is now, my friends. And the future is love, if we so choose.

So let us choose to love. Each and every day, without reservation, expectation, or regret. Let us simply choose to love.

Happy New Year.

Christopher Michael Roybal
Independent Candidate for Governor of New Mexico