United New Mexicans: Troy


"Being a New Mexican is having the honor to continue the very rich and diverse history of our state and using that enchanting energy to propel her to greatness for many generations to come. What I love about New Mexico is the scenic beauty, the food - oh, the food! - and how we as a state rally together to support each other. We have a lot of potential, and I think we are getting close to pushing the state forward in a promising and positive direction. We have all the tools to make New Mexico a desirable destination for school and work, we just need change starting with our youth. Not just preaching hope to them, yet showing them hope. We can always proceed forward all at the same while time honoring and respecting our heritage. It takes no effort to be united, all it takes is Love and Respect. New Mexico is the most unique state in the lower 48's, so let's keep moving New Mexico forward and show the world how enchanting we are!"

(Photo by Christopher Michael Roybal)