United New Mexicans: Kateri


"Being New Mexican means family comes first, even if you're not blood-related. If you're New Mexican, you're familia. I love our culture, our people, and our pride in both. I think our biggest strength is that New Mexicans have a way of feeling united with each other when we celebrate our unique culture. Food, family, and fiestas are where it's at. The best way to unite any group of people is through investment in education. When people have the skills to communicate effectively with each other then they are more likely to make positive change. We also need more investment in resources for our low-income communities. When families are able to provide their children with their basic needs then they are more likely to do better in school. When we have students who can do well in school, we have citizens who can contribute to our state. At a counseling conference one of our guest speakers reminded me of a quote: "When people know better, people do better." I believe this to be true in everything that we do."

(Photo by Christopher Michael Roybal)