United New Mexicans: Maria


"Being New Mexican is the taste of an autumnal chile harvest, of 310 days of basking in sunshine, where the people are as diverse as the landscapes and as colorful as the sunsets, and where bienvenidos, welcome and yá'át'ééh rolls off your tongue just the same. Where 505 and Zia symbols are tattooed on our skins and in our hearts. Where the howl of the Lobo is heard out in the wild or at the stadium. Being New Mexican is being resilient, being united, where we support each other in becoming change agents. New Mexico’s strengths are the people of New Mexico. New Mexicans I believe are resourceful, creative and have a desire to pass along traditions while encouraging the next generations of New Mexico to create a positive environment around them and create change. We can unite New Mexico by encouraging positive community building -- big or small -- and providing services and resources for better community building. It starts in our home and nearby and it extends to our neighborhoods, school, and places of work, creating a ripple effect."

(Photo by Christopher Michael Roybal)