United New Mexicans: Sally


"I have been a New Mexican for 28 years. Being New Mexican means living face to face with diverse cultures and historical events. The mix of the ancient and the future is right here on this land and with the people who inhabit it. It is a rich life here. What I love most is the inclusion in these shared cultures. The fusion of cultural exchanges is a constant education to me. From languages to music to food to art to beliefs, New Mexico is tolerant in a most special way. The creativity here is profound and an inspiration. This creativity needs to reroute the educational systems we are dealing with. State's rights first in education and discard the handed down CORE concept and testing model. New Mexicans need to know exactly how their taxes will be used in service to the community. Robot car speed traps, surveillance cameras, militarized police, inhuman treatment of the homeless and Veterans, and food poverty are horrific dividers of people. We need a new slogan like, 'Santa Fe a City Kinder.'"

(Photo by Christopher Michael Roybal)