"Greetings!" and "Why I Am Running... Again"

Hello, and welcome!

It was not so long ago that this very website contained information about my Independent campaign to be New Mexico's next governor. And as I outlined in this letter, I learned so much about our citizens and state through that campaign, including just how difficult our state government makes it for Independents in general to run for office, much less get elected.

I suspended my gubernatorial campaign not because I do not want to serve our state, but because unfair, outdated political red tape made my Independent run extremely difficult to conduct and highly unlikely to succeed through no folly or fault of my own.

So a major reason why I am now running to become your next state representative for District 18 is that I want to ensure that all New Mexicans have an equal opportunity to participate in our political process and that none of us face the same hurdles that I did in my quest to serve the state that I am blessed to call home.

New Mexico is at a turning point as we elect a new Governor, at least two new members of Congress, and many other state officials in just a few short months. This is why I fully believe that it is critical that we elect new, ethical, level-headed, and diverse public servants to actually do what is best for all New Mexicans and not just the members of a particular political party.

There is no more time to attack one another, and only by choosing to love rather than to hate will we be able to make the critical changes our state so desperately needs and deserves. We must always remember that our government works for us, so we must demand that our government puts people over parties and does right by all New Mexicans immediately.

On that note, my Unidos New Mexico platform is extensive and focuses on honoring, protecting, and strengthening every New Mexican's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, through collaboration, compromise, and an overall commitment to the Greater Good of New Mexico. I invite you to learn more about my platform and let me know how it can be refined and enhanced to better represent your ideas and ideals.

I take this opportunity to run very seriously, and I welcome your feedback and guidance to become your best possible public servant. Thank you to our current District 18 representative, Gail Chasey, for her service. And thank you to all the voters for considering me to be her successor and represent our district with integrity, empathy, and transparency.

As I have said time and again, I still firmly believe in the power of unity, and I know that the future of our beloved Land of Enchantment depends upon all of us uniting through compassion and compromise to guarantee that mañana is brighter than today for each and every New Mexican. We truly have the power to make New Mexico a place we are all proud to call home. All we must do now is unite.