"Better is open rebuke than hidden love."


I have always believed in the power of love. It is why I wear love on my wrists and why my art, work, and outreach focuses so much on how love can heal, uplift, inspire, and transform. For 34 years, so many people have poured love into me, and now, to truly make the most of all I have been given, I realize that I must share that same love in a new way.

I must seek to serve you, my fellow New Mexicans, as your next representative for District 18.

Nowadays and all too often, we choose to fear one other and focus on our differences rather than celebrate our similarities. We choose to shout at one another rather than to listen and learn. And we choose to hate one another rather than simply to love.

No more, my friends. Now we must love. And now we must unite.

I am not here to attack or antagonize or complain. I am here to be an advocate for love and to serve all New Mexicans through compassion, collaboration, compromise, and objectivity. I am here to help unite the state that I am proud to call home, and I would be honored if you would join me in bringing light to the darkness, hope to the hopeless, and positive, lasting change to New Mexico.

We must never fear being rejected or ridiculed for doing what is right and loving with all our hearts.

My friends, let's get going. And let's love all the way.


How We Unite New Mexico

Through my Unidos New Mexico platform, I commit to serve all New Mexicans, regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, age, ability, or affiliation.

I also commit to embrace the best ideas from all New Mexicans, to collaborate with all political parties, and to constantly work for the Greater Good of New Mexico.



We must ensure that our state constitution is relevant, inclusive, and up-to-date; conduct comprehensive electoral reform by embracing fair ballot access requirements and open elections; and require our government to operate ethically, efficiently, and transparently.


Social Justice & Wellness

We must seek community-based solutions to fight poverty, homelessness, and hunger; better support victims of crimes and citizens with mental health and behavioral health issues; and actively embrace communities that are often unfairly targeted and displaced.


Public Health

We must commit to placing the health of all New Mexicans above profits; ensure that all New Mexicans have the knowledge and right to make informed decisions about their personal health and bodies; ensure that our youngest and oldest New Mexicans are effectively taken care of; and combat the opioid crisis through regulation, treatment, and education.


Public Safety

We must reduce crime rates; better protect our children; provide those who protect and serve us with the necessary support, training, and resources to keep New Mexico safe; work to strengthen our criminal justice system; introduce more common-sense laws and practices; and ensure that our emergency preparedness programs are up-to-date.



We must provide students and teachers with whatever they need to reach their full potential; attract and reward the highest quality educators; expand and strengthen early childhood education offerings; better prepare our students for college and the job market; ensure that our students can afford to seek higher education in state; and encourage all New Mexicans to be lifelong learners.


Economic Justice

We must value, nurture, and effectively compensate our local workforce; better support working families; invest more in local businesses and industries that already benefit New Mexico; strengthen and diversify our job market; and ensure that our government fosters an environment of economic integrity and ingenuity.


Environmental Justice

We must create strong laws, policies, and practices to protect our environment from pollution, exploitation, and irresponsible development; make it easier for all New Mexicans to live more environmentally friendly lifestyles; transform our state into an industry leader in the creation and utilization of clean, renewable energies; and increase our oil and gas drilling oversight.



We must protect net neutrality; upgrade our statewide technology infrastructure; train our citizens to be able to use new technologies and acquire the tech skills needed to fill jobs now; and develop public-private partnerships to bring new technologies and technology companies to New Mexico.