Christopher Michael Roybal | Independent for Governor of New Mexico


AT LEAST HALF of all contributions will go to
deserving New Mexico CAUSES & organizations!


Christopher Michael Roybal


I am a native New Mexican born and raised in El Valle de Arroyo Seco. My parents, John Michael and Anita, taught my sister, Kristin, and I to live honestly and lovingly, and their dedication to our family constantly inspires me to make the most of my life and to spread love.

After graduating with honors from St. Michael's High School and the University of Southern California, I founded my media company, Incredible Films, and began creating projects to celebrate New Mexico and its diverse population.

Over the past decade, my work has screened around the world and has earned me commissions by major international and local companies. Additionally, I have published six books, including my prayer collection and poetic memoir, "Life Goes Up."

More importantly, my works are regularly at the center of philanthropic events, and I have helped to raise thousands of dollars for deserving local causes - including scholarship funds for local graduates - and have also worked with youth statewide to encourage and empower the next generation.

I have been abundantly blessed, and I give all praise to God for any good that resides in me. My faith plays the most significant role in my life, and I try to honor God by infusing my endeavors with love.

I am running for Governor to help unite all New Mexicans and to better ensure that New Mexico is a fair, fruitful, and peaceful place.


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In order to be included on the General Election ballot as an Independent, we will need to collect nominating signatures beginning in March 2018.

You can only sign one nominating petition for Governor, so if you want to support our campaign and sign our petition, please do not sign any other candidate's petitions beforehand, including any petitions for the primary elections!

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Our Platform

The Unidos New Mexico platform commits to serving all New Mexicans, regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, age, ability, or affiliation.



... to be treated equally.

We commit to rooting out injustice so that our state operates in a fair and equitable manner.

... to obtain the basic neEDS of life.

We commit to ensuring that all New Mexicans have access to food, clothing, and shelter so that we all can live stably.

... to live healthily.

We commit to providing New Mexicans with the education, resources, and support needed to embrace healthy lifestyles.

... to feel safe and secure.

We commit to protecting all New Mexicans and to appropriately reprimanding and correcting lawbreakers.


We commit to building an education system that empowers students and teachers to achieve and excel.

... to be economically mobile.

We commit to investing in businesses and industries that value and promote our citizens and state.

... to benefit from technology. 

We commit to embracing technology that will develop New Mexico and improve the lives of our citizens.

... to enjoy clean land, air, and water.

We commit to preserving New Mexico's natural beauty and significant ecological and cultural landmarks.

... to recover and heal.

We commit to nurturing those in need of assistance in order to honor the fundamental value of every human life. 

... to Live in peace.

We commit to promoting empathy, tolerance, and love so that New Mexico cherishes people from all walks of life.


Our Promise

In order to immediately begin serving all New Mexicans, we promise...


... to donate at least half of all our contributionS.

We commit to operating our campaign as fiscally responsible as possible so that we can make a significant impact through our donations to deserving New Mexico causes and organizations.

... to EMBRACE the best ideas from all New Mexicans.

We commit to reaching out to citizens throughout the state to better understand what all New Mexicans need and want in order to fulfill and enhance our platform. collaborate WITH all political parties.

We commit to to finding common ground and consensus while not allowing political affiliation to be a dividing factor.

... to run a positive campaign.

We commit to embracing positivity and to not operating our campaign through negativity or fear.


... to Constantly work for the Greater Good of New Mexico.

We commit to what benefits all New Mexicans, not just those who support our campaign. This means we commit to the Greater Good of New Mexico, and we invite anybody who wants to work for the Greater Good to join us.